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Avocet Team & Story

Great people deliver great service and we deliver great people

Karyn Wilkins
She won’t say how long she’s been in recruitment but we think it’s quite a long time as she keeps mentioning queuing up to fax a CV to a client! Thriving on strong black coffee and Kit-Kats, she turns her attention every day to recruiting, managing the contractors, directing our marketing and bookkeeping – when she’s not working in and on Avocet, she can be found supporting local start-up businesses or curled up on a chair with her Kindle. She’s also a FIRP and if you want to know what that means, you’ll have to read Keith’s profile.
Three word summary: meticulous, informed, capable
Keith Wilkins
Managing Consultant
If Carlsberg made recruiters…….. counts his recruitment experience in decades and has probably has the best possible network of tech support professionals at his fingertips. Keith is the Avocet engine and it’s his knowledge and expertise that keeps clients returning – also for decades in some cases! He loves 80s music, golf and bacon and eggs but has yet to combine all three, although that now sounds like a challenge! He’s a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals, which also makes him a FIRP.
Three word summary: experienced, professional, tenacious
Jen McDonagh
Admin Services Co-ordinator
Despite being Avocet’s newest member, Jen has subtly and expertly positioned herself as the self-proclaimed “Benevolent Overlord” within the business, which basically means that Karyn and Keith may think they’re in charge but it’s actually Jen allowing them to believe that. Queen of our social media, boss of the stationery cupboard and always first to say “fizz time” when we have something to celebrate, Jen is Avocet’s glue and keeps everything exactly where it should be.
Three word summary: organised, curious, tidy
Barney Dog
Office Dog
Barney mostly naps behind our chairs when he thinks we’re not getting enough work done. Sometimes he likes to get dog hair on all our stuff. And we wouldn’t have him any other way! He adores apples, humans, and the park. He loves to come into the office, and he provides us with great motivation to get out of the office for regular walk breaks. Barney is the happiest dog alive, and never lets anything get him down!
Three word summary: cute, adorable, lovely
info@avocetrecruiting.com (Please mark FAO: Barney)

Professional Standards

We have a single aim: providing the right people for the right role.
We cannot do this without our own set of professional standards.

Our ethical process begins with the decision to accept an assignment. We never accept a role that we do not feel we will be able to fill with the strongest candidate.  At best, this is a waste of everyone’s time, and at worst it could be disastrous for an individual’s career, your organisation and our reputation.

Is the job description/personal specification a true reflection of the role? We invest considerable time understanding a requirement to ensure we attract the right people.  This includes a thorough analysis of the job description and an assessment of all influencing factors, including the potential for growth, the workplace culture and team dynamics.

We examine the qualifications/eligibility criteria for the role – is it a wide range or relatively narrow? The former may need narrowing down and being too specific reduces the candidate pool and may also mean potentially excluding or discriminating against otherwise qualified individuals.

In a candidate driven market, we work hard to ‘sell’ a role to a potential candidate but will never misrepresent the company, the scope and difficulty of the role, the remuneration or any other key components as this would both delay the recruitment process, but is also highly unethical.

When presenting our candidates, we accompany CVs with a comprehensive candidate profile including the individual’s  motivation, strengths and weaknesses and career aspirations.

Recognising that attending an interview can be a very stressful process, we give all candidates a wealth of pre-interview support including interview techniques, comprehensive company background, team structure etc., all of which allows a candidate to perform as confidently as possible and allows them to truly represent themselves.

We remain active and available, for both employees and employers, throughout the lifespan of the search.

Our internal practices are reviewed regularly to ensure transparency and fairness.

We have a belief that is deeply embedded in our culture – we are not sales consultants.

We are confident that this strongly held conviction enables us to operate to the highest professional standards. Our aim is to work in partnership with both candidates and clients and we are entirely invested in the satisfaction of all parties involved.