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Improving your Service Desk Employee Experience

Last week I wrote about employee experience, what is is and how it differs from company culture and employee engagement. This week we’re talking about employee experience in the context of the service desk. Customer support is a tough role, and often we’re so heavily focused on customer satisfaction that our service desk analysts, the […]

Employee Experience: The Future of Work

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I’m pretty hot on employee engagement and company culture. It turns out the whole time I’ve been missing the bigger picture: Employee Experience. Quite simply, employee experience (EX) can be defined as “the sum of the various perceptions employees have about their interactions with the […]

So here it is… Avocet’s Christmas opening hours!

Christmas is almost here! We’re operating reduced hours so we can squeeze in some last minute wrapping before Christmas, and then so we can nurse our food babies afterwards! Christmas eve (Sunday 24th): Closing at 4pm. Wednesday 27th – Friday 29th: 10am-4pm. Normal hours resume from Tuesday 2nd January! Wishing you all a fantastic Christmas […]

Questions You Should Never Ask at Interview

Some things on this list are outright illegal and you should never ask them. Some of them aren’t illegal, but are still completely irrelevant to the person’s ability to do the job. As well as being ethically questionable, these kinds of questions will make you very unpopular and will throw into question the inclusivity of […]

How to Identify Service Desk Analyst Skills

Last week I posted about the best three things to look for in a Service Desk Analyst. Now it’s time to share with you ways in which you can identify these traits on paper, on the phone, and in interview. The first thing I will say about this is to trust your gut. It’s always […]

How to Withdraw from an Interview Gracefully

If you cannot or do not want to attend an interview, you’re perfectly within your rights to withdraw from the process. What is more important is the way in which you go about it.  It’s easy to give into the temptation of making up a convenient excuse as to why you’re not attending an interview, […]

How to be Confident, Not Arrogant, At Interview

If you’re feeling nervous about an interview, the last thing you want is to let it show. Appearing confident is a must if you want others to be sure of your abilities, or so we’ve been told. Whilst I’m not encouraging interviewees to surrender to their inner wallflower, it is surprisingly easy to over-egg your […]

How to Choose Between Two Great Candidates

Having two excellent candidates for one role might seem like a hiring manager’s dream; while two is undoubtedly better than none, having to pick between two outstanding potential employees can easily turn into a nightmare. Short of flipping a coin, how should a hiring manager choose between two equally excellent candidates? The next question you […]

People are at the Heart of Technology

Despite the seemingly widespread low-level panic over the future of work caused by automation (a report from the University of Oxford predicts that over a third of UK jobs are at risk of automation) according to recent research findings: 84% of UK workers are confident their role will continue to be carried out by people […]

Avocet are Finalists in the Medway Business Awards!

Avocet recently received the exciting news that we’ve reached the finals of the Medway Business Awards! We’re all thrilled, grateful, and (just speaking for myself on this one) feeling a just a little smug. As trite as it sounds, it really is an honour just to get this far, so we’re all pretty chipper – […]

Millennials vs Generation Z in the Workplace

With millennials integrated into the workforce, it’s time to concentrate on the next wave of peculiar young people with strange ideas: Generation Z. Millennials (b.1980-1995) are well known for being tech savvy, highly educated, team-oriented, nomadic, liberal, and optimistic. Generation Z (b.1995 onwards) tend to be entrepreneurial, self-aware, diverse, civic minded, easily distracted, confident, hard […]

Why the Niche Recruiter is the Only Recruiter

With the exception of some of the giants out there, generic recruitment agencies that haven’t already died a painful death soon will. Like every company, recruiters need a Unique Selling Point now more than ever, and being all things to all people won’t cut the mustard anymore. Generalist recruiters tend to be the most well-known […]

6 Tips For Surviving Your First Full Time Job

Whether you’re leaving university or school, for many young people it’s time to start your first full time job. Most people at this point in their lives are eager to leave education and sink their teeth into their chosen careers; this is an exciting time, but can also be a nerve wracking new experience. You […]

Tips for Preparing an Induction Programme for New Employees

Employee inductions are designed to help a new employee adjust and settle into the organisation and their new role as quickly and painlessly as possible. A thorough induction that integrates the individual into the company culture, people, and practices, has been linked to higher long-term employee retention. An induction is a gradual process that can’t […]

Three Reasons to Invest in Inductions

The single most important process for retaining new employees is an effective induction process, and here are three great reasons why! Continuing your Hard Work The recruitment process can be arduous and costly, and if you’re enthusiastic about a new employee (which you most definitely should be!) you need to continue this investment after they […]

An Open Letter to Tea House Theatre

Dear Tea House Theatre, Please find below my somewhat impassioned response to your recent open letter to millennials.   Do you want to know why you’re not getting quality candidates, Tea House Theatre of Vauxhall, South London?   Your attitude sucks. And you’re rude.   And you’re ageist.   And you have unethical hiring practices. […]

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